Independent ESD Protection and Electrostatic Control

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Cascade Metrology provides professional metrology services for electrostatics and ESD control purposes. Our strengths are high accuracy and low cost level.  Services are based on the physics and applied science. We don’t accept common erroneous simplifications and we don’t share outdated information. To ensure our knowhow, we attend regularly international events and standardisation.

Our mission is to provide our customers the highest quality of independent service with the competitive cost level. Outcomes of work orders are based on investigations instead of assumptions. Conclusions will always be shared with adequate references.

Our Business Areas 

Electronics and Automotive Industry

Healthcare and Medical Industry

Process and Chemical Industry

Food Industry

Our Customers 

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Material  Manufacturers

ESD Control Item Suppliers

Our Tasks 

Ensuring Production Yield

Assessing ESD Hazards

Quality Assurange

Improving Reliability

Our Areas of Interests 

Electrostatic Control and ESD Protection

Electrostatic Attraction and Repulsion

Cleanliness and Contamination

Handling Explosives

Conflicts of interests shall be excluded in trainings, audits and certification in accordance with the international quality management systems. Collisions shall also be avoided in objective qualification and acceptance testing.  In addition, independency is required for ensuring adhesion to the code of conduct. We don’t have objectives for sales of products and therefore we are able to work independently for everyone.